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Health Booster

Beard Growth Essential Oil

Beard Growth Essential Oil

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Healthy ingredients
Effectively improve beard bifurcation
Make beard smoother and shinier

High quality,gentle nourishment improves frizz.
Rich in a variety of natural nutrients,infiltrate the roots of hair follicles, repair and activate dormant hair follicles.
Activate hair follicles to repair them,repair damage, protect ingredients to supplement hair nutrition.
Provide nutrient absorption rate,protect hair follicles, shape healthy hair in the environment,
Accelerate hair regeneration:Promote beard, chest hair, abdominal hair growth.Thick hair shows your charm better.

Use twice a day, can be used directly on the scalp; use 1ml (about 4-5 sprays), massage the scalp properly. Increasing the number of uses or usage does not lead to better results.

Twice a day, usually in the morning and evening, time between uses should be more than 6 hours.
1. In the sparse area of the hair, divide the hair into one or more rows to try to see the maximum extent of the scalp.
2. Shake the bottle a few times and press it directly onto the hair root.
3. Gently massage the scalp with your fingers and wash your hands thoroughly.
4. If your fingers are warm, rinse with cold water.
5. When using product on beard, eyebrows, etc., it is recommended to use a cotton swab or other smear tool to avoid spraying on skin, eyes etc.

Follow the above steps. Make sure you have enough time to dry completely before going to bed.

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