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Tongkat Ali Extract Supplement

Tongkat Ali Extract Supplement

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Brand: Balincer
Specifications: 30/60/120 capsules
Shelf life: 2 years
The Most Powerful Tongkat Ali: Known for its legendary effects,

It has been traditionally used as a male energy supplement, known for maximizing male stamina.

*SUPPORTS STABILITY AND IMPROVED ENERGY LEVELS - Use our men's supplement to tap into your body's untapped energy reserves!
Known for its energy-boosting properties, teamed with the powerful Tongkat Ali to create a dynamic duo that not only boosts It improves your energy levels and fights fatigue, but also restores your stamina to help you push your limits.

*Boosts Athletic Performance - This supplement helps improve physical performance while helping to support overall vitality, supporting strength, power, endurance and peak athletic performance.

Instructions for use: Twice a day, 1~2 capsules each time, preferably with food or in accordance with consultation with your qualified healthcare professional.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.

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