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Nourishing Gan And Protecting Gan 18 Flavors Yigan Tea

Nourishing Gan And Protecting Gan 18 Flavors Yigan Tea

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Raw Materials And Ingredients: Cassia Seeds, Hawthorn, Orange Peel, Licorice, Mulberry Leaves, Kudzu Root, Yam, Gardenia, Double Red Rose, Jujube, Burdock, Luo Han Guo, Dandelion, Chrysanthemum, Wolfberry

Net Content (specification): 150 (g)

Shelf Life: More Than 12 Months

Storage Method: Room Temperature

Packaging Specifications: 18 Flavors Of Yigan Tea

Does It Contain Sugar: Sugar-free

Food Technology: Cold Brew

Tea Type: Health Tea

Brewing Method: Remove This Product From The Package, Put It Into A Cup, Pour In Boiling Water, Wait For 3-5 Minutes, And Drink.


1. Exquisitely Packaged, Tightly Sealed And Easy To Carry.

2. You Can Have A Rosy Complexion Without Makeup. The Health Tea Is Light, Sweet, Healthy And Nourishing.

3. A Cup Of Tea Every Day Can Relieve Staying Up Late And Cool Down The Heat.

4. It Has A Smooth Entrance And Releases A Fragrant Breath.

5. The Soup Color Is Clear And Flavorful, And The Soup Color Is Bright And Moist.

Package Included:

1 Box* Health Tea   


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